Freshen up your property this spring

A spring change is a good idea for any homeowner, and is even more important if you are considering placing your property on the market soon. This season, take the time to check the condition of your home and brighten up your interiors ready for the lighter days ahead. Here are our tips for creating luxurious space this spring.

Start from the outside

The very first impression a visitor will have of your property will be formed from the outside, so take some time to maintain the design and build of your home. Could your front door need a spot of paint? Is the garden in its best shape? Make the entrance to your home eye-catching and welcoming for guests or potential buyers.

Consider whether the outside requires maintenance especially roof tiling, drains and gutters. These issues can contribute to water marks, not to mention leaving your property in a mess. Keeping on top of these tasks will not only make your home look better, but can stop you losing value on your property. Something to consider if you are going to sell your home later down the line.

Inside maintenance and repair

The boiler and heating systems may have been working double time during the winter months, so to avoid issues occurring in the future have your boilers serviced. Also, test the emergency systems in your home including the home alarm and smoke/fire alarm to make sure they are working properly. As these are out of sight they tend to be out of mind for many homeowners, so take the precautions to protect yourself and your home.

Clear the clutter

In the winter we tend to wind down and spend a lot of time indoors but you don’t want your home to reflect that. Sort through your belongings, and breathe new life into your property by removing unwanted furnishings. Take time out to remove accessories from each room and try adding things back in piece by piece. Giving your room a more minimalist look will give the effect of a more luxurious and open space.

When the sun comes out, traces of dust and dirt in the house are also easier to see. Cleaning your house from top to bottom, and getting rid of the clutter, is the best thing you can do to improve your interiors. Consider areas such as carpets, rugs and curtains and give them a deep clean. This will not only freshen them up but will prolong their life too.

Let there be light

Natural light immediately brightens up a dull room and creates the illusion of space. Make sure your windows are cleaned thoroughly to make best use of the light, and don’t just wipe down the inside but make sure you are cleaning the outside to remove spots and stains. For those dark areas that can’t be avoided, add side lamps to create a warm and welcoming glow or if you have narrow corridors, mirrors are also an effective way to make a room look much bigger and brighter.

Switch it up

Want to add some spring touches to your home without a full interior change? Try moving different furnishings to another room or changing the position of your furniture. Decide if key pieces such as sofas and dining tables and are still in good condition and if not, replace them. Otherwise, spruce up tired furniture with soft and stylish accessories such as throws and cushions to add some personality.

Painting one wall or having one wall with patterned wall paper will also liven up any room. Adding a statement such as a feature wall will draw your eye into the room and will set the tone for the rest of the furnishings.

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